Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Baby Boy is 7!!!!!!!!!!!!

   I can't believe it that my baby boy is 7 today.  These years have gone by waaaaaaaaaaay to fast.  My L is the child in our family that is full of energy and a lover of all things lego.  He is a natural athlete and like his big brother plays baseball.  He can be a spitfire most of the time yet he also has a tender heart.  He gave his life to Christ last month and can't wait to be baptized.  When I was told I told that I was having another boy 7 years ago I must admit that I cried.  Now I see my two boys and I can't imagine life any other way.  God does know best, right!!!!  Since we homeschool I get to spend each day with my lil man and see how he is growing, not only in education areas but also in many other areas of his life.  I know that God has GREAT plans for his life and I am glad that I get to come along on the journey.

   He woke up this morning to 7 balloons in his room for the seven years of life he has been blessed with.    This was the first time I have done this and I must say it will be a tradition now.  He had the biggest smile when he came running in the room after seeing them all.  He also got a bike which I don't have a pic of that brought an even bigger smile.  Funny thing is he wanted to show off the fact that he had in his words "you know the thing that you put on the ground" a kickstand LOL.  The things that excite kids.

Here are a few baseball pics I tried with him the other day.

My little man holding all his balloons.

We do Classical Conversations on Tuesdays and yesterday was our end of the year celebration.  Here is Mr. L with his tutor Mrs. Hudson who gave him the "Sincerity" award.

He has requested that super expensive restaurant Cici's Pizza for dinner LOL.  We won't have a party until sometime in May since he and his brother, whose birthday is 4/28, share a party and because they want a pool party this year.

Happy Birthday L!! Mommy loves