Monday, May 30, 2011


     Well today has been an eventful day.  Hubby is out of town and has been since Friday.  I can surely say I take my hat off to single parents.  I took the kids to the pool this morning and we swam for 2 hours.  After coming back Mr. LC decides that he wants to get in trouble for what Ms. KC did yesterday.  PAINT on the playroom carpet!!!!!!!!!!  I wish I had taken pics of it but I was to red hot  upset at the time to even think of it.  KC had pink paint yesterday which I primarily got out ( just a hint of it left) and today LC decides to use green.  Now if you are wondering like I am why he do something he definitely knows better to do I can't answer that and neither could he.  Does anyone have any good ideas on getting paint out of carpet PLEASE give me all hour help.

     Next do you all remember when I told you that the hubby's job is going to build a new plant.  Well rumor has it that they are down to Tennessee and SC.  I am still hoping for Texas since they say rumor but I have been doing some research and I think that Tennessee is a state we could raise our family.  I have only checked around Nashville and its suburbs since I think that is where they are considering.  So if any of you live or have family in that area please let me know what you think about it.  It will be next year before the plant will open but since I want out of SC soooooooooooo bad and it may take that long for our house to sell I starting early.  Hopefully we will know something in the next week or so.
So I leave you with a few pics from Franklin,Tn.

Franklin, a town I would consider.

New Franklin Police station.

The oldest Episcopal church in Tennessee completed in 1834

For Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day to you all!!  May we each take some time today to be thankful for those that have given their lives for this country.


Thursday, May 19, 2011


 Well on Saturday we will be heading to Va. for my stepsons graduation from the University of Virginia.  He actually finished in December but had to wait until now to walk.  He is a bright young man who went to UVA on an athletic scholarship for football.  He plays wide receiver and although he wasn't drafted he has had some teams contact him saying that they still want him when this lockout ends and they can pick up the free agents.  I just want to express how proud I am of him and the example he sets for his brothers and sister.




Friday, May 13, 2011

Not so Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!


      I need to vent today so I feel you all will have to listen to my cry. Well today is my birthday and although I try not to be a person who complains I have to say this was the worst birthday ever.  I don't know why after 12 years of being together, 10 married, I think that my husband may surprise me and have something planned other than dinner.  I also don't know why I let myself get upset when he doesn't come through.  This year took the cake.  We had a big argument about it being just another day.  I feel that I'm not wrong to ask for a couple of days a year to be held special.  And even if he thinks it's just another day then make it special for me because you love me.  Now don't get me wrong most years it's always dinner and a movie but he has done some that I didn't expect also so why wait   til now to say " it's just another day".  This year he decides that we are going to a South Carolina baseball game.  In my opinion that wasn't about me at all since I have never asked about going to one accept for saying we should take the boys to one.  I don't think that screamed oooooooh I want to go to one for my birthday.  Then the game gets suspended before it even starts because of severe weather.  So needless to say we didn't even get to see the game.  He did buy a cake but only after the argument so to me it was just to shut me up and not that it was planned.  I think it really got to me this year since Mother's Day wasn't the best and this was also our 10th anniversary and we just had lunch.  Now I don't want it to seem like I want him to go out and put us in debt for these days but I would like a little creativity and previous planning for these days.  I do everything in the home and never complain or ask for much so am I wrong for wanting 3 OK 4 days a year to be special days.  I love him and he is a great provider, this is just one thing that I don't get.

     Have you had horrible birthdays, anniversaries, or any other day you hold dear?  Do you think I am making to big a deal about it?


Sunday, May 8, 2011

From my kids to you........

     May you be having a wonderful Mother's Day filled with family and fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just to say

Well I don't know if I had told you all my decision to homeschool my boys.  Well it was a YES so I have had them home with me for three weeks now and I must say that I am enjoying it.  Don't get me wrong there have been times when doing reading with LC hasn't been the best!!!!!!  Having the two year old who wants to be into everything is still taking some getting used to.  Now we are doing a virtual school to finish out the school year.  Although I am for the most part liking the curriculum I still an unsure if we will use it again next year.  I don't like having to be on someone else's schedule as to what we will do that day. I know that homeschooling isn't for everyone but for my family I feel  that at this time it is what God has led us to do.

Now onto the next thing.  Since summer is coming I have been starting to think about what we will do.  Our neighborhood pool opens next Saturday so that is a given that we will swim, swim, and more swim. I wanted to go home to California but with the cost of  that may not happen (long SIGH!!).  JC has been nominated for All-Stars for baseball so if he makes it that will take a lot of practice.  I might need to mention that I am sooooooooo proud of him.  We also signed up for the Kids Bowl Free program that gives free bowling coupons every week.  I do have a friend that is supposed to come to visit us in July with her boys so that will be fun.  The boys are also going to try basketball, I THINK, this summer.  WOW!!!!  I guess I have much more going on this summer than I thought.  Oh don't forget VBS and Music Camp at church and a trip to the beach here and there.  What will you be doing this summer?  Will it be busy or laid back?  No matter what I just want to enjoy it and my family.