Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just to say

Well I don't know if I had told you all my decision to homeschool my boys.  Well it was a YES so I have had them home with me for three weeks now and I must say that I am enjoying it.  Don't get me wrong there have been times when doing reading with LC hasn't been the best!!!!!!  Having the two year old who wants to be into everything is still taking some getting used to.  Now we are doing a virtual school to finish out the school year.  Although I am for the most part liking the curriculum I still an unsure if we will use it again next year.  I don't like having to be on someone else's schedule as to what we will do that day. I know that homeschooling isn't for everyone but for my family I feel  that at this time it is what God has led us to do.

Now onto the next thing.  Since summer is coming I have been starting to think about what we will do.  Our neighborhood pool opens next Saturday so that is a given that we will swim, swim, and more swim. I wanted to go home to California but with the cost of  that may not happen (long SIGH!!).  JC has been nominated for All-Stars for baseball so if he makes it that will take a lot of practice.  I might need to mention that I am sooooooooo proud of him.  We also signed up for the Kids Bowl Free program that gives free bowling coupons every week.  I do have a friend that is supposed to come to visit us in July with her boys so that will be fun.  The boys are also going to try basketball, I THINK, this summer.  WOW!!!!  I guess I have much more going on this summer than I thought.  Oh don't forget VBS and Music Camp at church and a trip to the beach here and there.  What will you be doing this summer?  Will it be busy or laid back?  No matter what I just want to enjoy it and my family.

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