Thursday, December 23, 2010

No Gift Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

Ok first can I tell you that my tree has not one gift under it.  This is not because we don't have any but because they are on lay away this year and today is the only day that I will be able to pick them up due to Mr. C's work schedule.  So is it necessary to say that we will wrapping gifts all night and tomorrow so that The Big Guy can make his appearance.  This is the first year we used lay away for Christmas and it was good doing it but I'm unsure if I'll do it again.  Especially since I don't remember everything I have.  Secondly I have the DIY and redo bug.  I have loved HGTV for years and became a realtor so I can look at houses.  But Mr. C could live in a all white wall house with no decor so I have never gone through with putting my abilities (or lack thereof) to work.  For 2011 I am making changes and I am going to begin decorating and making my builder grade house into a home.  I will post pics along the way and ask for help so come back and hopefully enjoy.

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