Monday, December 20, 2010


  Well I got our family pictures back and I was pleased with them.  Now I just have to get those Christmas cards in the mail.  I can't believe Christmas is Saturday.  I am really not prepared.  There are no presents under the tree and the kids are now out of school.  Waiting to the last minute isn't a good idea!! I have to do all the necessary stuff after hubby gets home from work when I can go by myself.  I also would have loved to also have my home beautifully decorated.  Not only for Christmas but just in general.  I look at all the blogs and see all the beautiful homes and long to have my home look like those.  People always seem to find great deals at Home Goods and Goodwill and other thrift stores, but here in Columbia we have no Home Goods and I never seem to find the great deals that others do.  Enough of my sulking, I did say I would post some pictures so here they are.
 This is my little KC and she is now 2.  She loved the leaves.
 The love of my life MC.  Sometimes it's hard but I see us growing old together.
 I just love how my oldest JC is the only one looking at the camera.

 My intellectual 7 year old JC.  He always has a question and I love that he keeps us on our toes.
   My rambunctious little 5 year old LC.  He's all boy and although he wares me out at times I love it.

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  1. Your family is too precious!! Those kiddos look like little models. Also, thanks so much for your sweet comments!