Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's that time again!!!!!

Today marked the beginning of our 2013 travel baseball year.  I must say that I enjoyed our time off in the summer but was glad when the boys started practice again.  They love to play baseball so I love to watch them.  Daddy played baseball so of course he wants his boys to play and he is blessed that they both have a love for the sport.  They can play all day and still come home and play with each other in the back yard.  Of course they have their own rules when at home.  LC is playing 8u machine pitch this year and since JC played up last year his coach started a new 10u team for him.  Both boys have tournaments this weekend and each are playing at different fields :(.  It is needless to say that the hubby and I had to divide and conquer.  I went to one field with JC and hubby went to the other with LC since he helps with coaching his team.  Ms. KC has to tag along and she is such a great sport for dealing with being at a baseball field ALLLLLLLLL DAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!  So aster we finished at one field with JC I rushed over to another to see the rest of LC's 2nd game.  I felt like I had my cape on today with the rather SM on the back.  I definitely hope they remember when they are older how much we supported them not only in baseball but in anything they choose to do.  When KC starts her activity that I will tell you about later I may need to clone myself so I can be everywhere at the same time.
LC swinging that bat!!
JC up to bat!!!! (not a clear pic)

KC and BG having their fun!!!!!!!