Monday, July 23, 2012

Is it ok?


     I look at my 7 yr old son who is full of energy, all boy but can also have a bad attitude.  I worry for him because he really doesn't have any friends.  If you don't remember we do homeschool so they aren't with kids all day.  Even at church or in his activities I don't see him having true friendships being built.  He does play with kids but he is never invited on playdates unless it's the whole team.  I don't want him to grow up never having good friendships.  Should I be worried about this or will it change.  I don't remember having the best of friendships when I was his age but I want to hear from others.  Do you have a child like this who didn't or doesn't have great friendships at this age?  Was this you at 7 and   things changed for you?  I may be overreacting but this is my baby.


  1. My son is almost 8 and is the same. Even when he was in public school he would have a small group of friends, but never really invited. He is like me, an introvert. Sometimes I worry, but I know he is able to socialize. He just isn't able to open up to people until he really bonds with them. I was raised in public school and kind of always felt on the outside. It is hard for introverts to fit in. I think my parents did great by not pushing me to be someone I wasn't. They let me be myself and supported me and helped me find my own self confidence in who I am. I do the same with my son, and I am sure he will turn out just fine. It is hard for parents to feel their kids may not be making friends, but it is important to remember their personalities and realize not everyone is a social butterfly.

    1. Nicole thanks for responding. The only thing is my son isn't an introvert. Sometimes I think he is just to rough and others don't know how to react. He is happy to play by himself. We homeschool also so I know that seeing kids everyday all day isn't happening. I am learning to know that he will have friends and not to worry about it. This is just a season after all. RIGHT!!?