Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Knocking down.......

Walls.  The other night while in bed my hubby says to me why don't we open up the wall between our room and the boys room and make it a sitting room.  At first I thought he was just talking but he was serious.  Well I jumped on it, not because I am so wanting a sitting room but I know that the boys will be moving to a larger room and I will get it painted the color that was done wrong in their current room and get to decorate a new space for them with the same theme of course.  They will be moving to what was my nieces room which is a bright pink.  And on the good side the quote that we got was great and it included the painting.  Work should be starting at the end of this week or early next so I have to get my new camera ASAP so I can get the much needed before pics.


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