Sunday, February 6, 2011


Every year we say that we are going to take a spring break trip.  I never get it planned so of course it never happens.  Not this year.  Thanks to my sister in law Shannon our families will be traveling to Tennessee to the Wyndham Smokey Mountains Resort.  The resort has an indoor waterpark, which is why we chose it.  I may even take in some time at the spa.  And best of all my sister in law is using points for our stay so there is no money out of pocket accept for food and gas YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!  Now I am like a little kid looking forward to April 1.  Since I am so excited, of course I haven't told the kids because I don't want them to irritate me by asking everyday is it time yet.  Now if want to take a summer trip the budget will allow.  I just had to share so if any of you are near Tennessee look up this resort.


  1. thanks for leaving a comment on my laundry room @remodelaholic! i appreciate it!

    i love your blog header - you have a beautiful family and you can see some love in that photo!! :)

  2. That sounds like so much fun! Take me with you! Following you back! :)

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