Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

Blessings to all on this wonderful Christmas day 2010.   Today has been a good day.  Although I am missing my family in California I have also managed to have a great time with my husband's family.  The kids were up at 7am and daddy said wait 30 more minutes, of course that didn't happen.  Little Miss KC loved her 2 babies and stroller, a little too much for me since I keep hearing about the baby.  Here are a few pics of the Chinnis Christmas.
The tree before the kids came down.  You can barely even see the green decorations.

The 3 lil C's. I just love the PJ's.

LC with his favorite thing, Legos.

JC with his one request an Nintendo DSi.

Ms. KC and her baby!! Nuff said.

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