Wednesday, January 25, 2012

31 days

Hey I have been praying for my husband as a part of this challenge.  I found it through another website and am loving each day of prayer.  Although I have not seen a HUGE change in my husband I have seen small  changes which I am thanking God for just as much.  I am also seeing changes in myself which is even better.  This challenge ends next week but I think that I will go through it again since I am enjoying it so much.  We all need prayer right!!!!!

Now to tell you about the happenings over here.  You all know that I have wanted to leave SC and move closer to home, Ca, for quite some time now.  Well hubby has been interviewing for a job in Az and they want to fly him out for a visit and third interview.  We have done some looking at the city in Az and don't think that it will be a good fit for our family which isn't what I want to hear.  Flagstaff is a city that sits by itself and the closest large city, Phoenix, is 2.5 hours away which is a bummer.  I really want this move but don't want to get somewhere and be unhappy again.  He will go out to make sure and see first hand if it will work for our family and to prevent any second guesses later.  Who knows maybe he might like it.  If not at least my DH is now open to relocating our family.  Hey I guess that would be a HUGE change that I am seeing due to my prayer.  God shows us things and sometimes we don't even notice.  My eyes have just opened during my typing.
Has God worked in your life recently and you didn't even realize it until a big AH HA moment?

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