Sunday, January 9, 2011

Home Goals 2011

Ok well I am joining the home goals party.  I think that if I have my goals out for everyone in blog world to read maybe I will get some of them done.  I don't have pictures for everything, just the boys room right now, but as time goes I will be sure to post the before & afters.

1. Get new family room furniture and finish the room
2. add backsplash and cabinet knobs and pulls to kitchen
3. finish boy's room
new bedding, window treatments

add something to wall, get new dresser, decorate
4. finish KC's big girl room
5. redo nieces room (she has moved into her own apt closer to college now)
6. finish playroom
7. finish master bed and bathroom
Do you notice a trend here with the word FINISH.  Well I have started almost everything with paint but just can't seem to get anything else done.  I started this blog to get some ideas and inspiration from all the great homes and I have.  So now I am aiming to make this house a home.  Since I'm not one for luck just hope that I do my best.


  1. I can relate to you on getting projects to the finish point! Sometimes its really hard too! :) Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog yesterday! It means so much to me :0

    ps you have a beautiful family!

  2. Hi Chandra ,I am new to blogging too ,I have enjoyed looking around your blog ,one day i will get to South Carolina ,one of my very good friends who lives in Sydney now came from SC and she was also a Real Estate agent .
    I look forward to reading more of your blog ,please pop over and check mine out if you have time.