Saturday, January 29, 2011

Step with an R

Ok so we headed to Fayetville,NC on yesterday to spend the weekend with a friend of my husbands.  Believe it or not the trip is so JC, my 7yr old, can practice baseball at an indoor center since we don't have anything in our neck of the woods.  When I get LC, the 5 yr old, in the tub last night a rash that just started on his nose was now covering him from head to toe.  I was shocked and thought of what a friend said her son had when he had strep.  So I took him to the urgent care this morning and of course he has STREP!!!  He seems to be the child that gets all the symptoms that I never heard of when he has something.  He had a temp of 100.3 but it hadn't stopped him at all.  He has been playing non stop with an occasional complaint of itching.  He definitely is my child who never stops and although it wears me out I am thankful that God has put him in my family to teach us.  I see the great qualities that he has been blessed with that he just doesn't know how to handle at this time.  It's a joy to watch him grow.   Now off to give another dose of Amoxicillin.
Mr. LC my lil ball of energy!!!!!!


  1. Kids are so amazing - letting nothing slow them down. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. I have one of those too...that always gets sick! He has been on three rounds of antibiotics and is finally getting better. I hope he feels better soon. :) Hang in there mama, I know it can be just as tough on you!