Thursday, January 6, 2011

Filling anyone!!

Well yesterday was dentist day for the 3 C kids.  I was a little nervous about KC but she handled it great.  She got a little apprehensive but once I talked to her she was just fine.  JC had a good report but once again  we were told he would need braces.  Geesh he's only 7 so can't you refrain from telling me that for a little while.  Now to LC whose report wasn't so great.  He has two cavities and I am not looking forward to having them filled and neither is he.  He just stopped crying over x-rays last year and now not only 1 but 2 fillings.  That day may just be a day for daddy to go to the dentist.  I must say I am thankful for insurance because the cost without it wouldn't be pretty.

     I am also on the hunt for paint for KC's big girl room along with things to complete the boys room.  The quilts I want are on sale but still not low enough so I may have to bight the bullet and buy them.  Don't forget to check out pics of the boys room and post any ideas you may have.

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  1. Chandra, thank you for stopping by Three Pixie Lane AND welcome to SC! It does take a while to get established in a new place, make friends and to learn your way around! I imagine SC is very different from Cal! I signed up to follow! In response to your question...Charleston and Charlotte have many great places to find things! Concord, NC (just above Charlotte) has an old train station called the Depot at Gibson Mill and it is HUGE...I find lots of fun things there! Charleston and Mt. Pleasant have smaller little shops...I just stop in different ones along the road when I visit. My newest thing is to shop the Goodwill stores for small pieces of furniture and refinish them! I love a bargain! Good luck on your shopping adventures and again, welcome! Christie at Three Pixie Lane